The Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

August 14, 2016
The Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

Cleanup Campaign Held in Auckland

On the 14th of August, around 20 members from the World Mission Society Church of God, Auckland, assembled to hold a clean-up movement to celebrate winning the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for Voluntary Service. The event was held at Akoranga Reserve and Onewa Domain along the Akoranga Drive in Northcote.

The Church of God members had put their hearts together to clean the park and town area for local residents to enjoy recreational activities in a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment. The Kaipatiki Local Board, Auckland Council, had provided cleaning equipment such as bags and gloves to support the voluntary service.

Clean up Tough Areas

Since this reserve comprises a rugby field, cricket field, and a netball stadium. Large number of people visit the place, leaving behind many debris. Volunteers meticulously collected the rubbish from forest and creek areas within the park, and cleaned around the rugby field as well.

Cleaning with Bright Smile

The participants’ faces were filled with joy and laughter, and were happy to make such a big impact on the environment. Glenys Budd, a participant in this event, said, “I was so surprised to see how much rubbish we found hidden under the trees. General public perception on North Shore is that we take care of our environment. Following God’s teaching, we should do even better in this age. We hope our cleaning action will inspire more people to show concern in the way they dispose their waste.”

Shining God’s Brilliant Light in Auckland, New Zealand and the Whole World.

Participants dedicated their time and effort for around two hours. They collected around 35 bags of rubbish which included a shopping trolley, bicycle wheel, huge tyre, pieces of pipe, timber and other items. The voluntary service of Church of God members in Auckland will continue on to protect the environment and to help neighbours. And they also shine God’s brilliant light in Auckland, New Zealand and the whole world.