Welcome to the Church of God full of the love of God the Mother.
A church full of laughter and happiness!

About us

The World Mission Society Church of God believes in God the Father and God the Mother and follows the pure truth of the Early Church established by Jesus Christ as is.

Major Awards

The Church of God received the President’s Volunteer Service Award 2014 for its outstanding devotion to community service and volunteerism.

The 2015 South Korean Presidential Citation was awarded to the Church of God in South Korea. This is the most prestigious award given by the South Korean government.

Awards in Newzealand


Jerusalem Mother

The Church of God only follows the teachings of the Bible and believes in the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and…...

God Elohim

The word “Elohim” directly translates to “Gods.” The Bible testifies that God exists in the female image, God the Mother,…...

The Heavenly Family System

Since the beginning of time, people have cherished family as the foundation of their lives. Even though families may vary…...

Video Sermons

Have a look at the fun and easy truth of the Bible through the Church of God sermon.

Volunteer Services in Newzealand

Cleanup campaign

In order to purify the earth that fell ill due to extreme climate change and environmental pollution and to save precious life, we carry out global environmental cleanups.

Blood Drives​

Through worldwide blood drives, we help people in danger of their life due to blood shortage, and make efforts to improve everyone’s health.


Emergency relief

We hurry to disaster-stricken areas to recover the damaged areas and take care of victims’ health by providing meals.

The Church of God nurtures the peace and happiness of the world
by saving precious lives and overcoming hardships together.