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The Church of God in Denver received the President’s Volunteer Service Award 2014 for its outstanding devotion to community service and volunteerism.
The 2015 South Korean Presidential Citation was awarded to the Church of God in South Korea. This is the most prestigious award given by the South Korean government.

Awards in Newzealand

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The World Mission Society Church of God has over 7,000 branch churches in 175 countries and about 2.8 million registered members. Meet the Church of God in the world through website.


Church of God puts emphasis on faith and action based on the Bible. Aren’t you curious to know what truths are in the Bible?
Many people have heard of God the Father, however, the bible also testifies that there is God the Mother.
It is prophesied in the Bible that Christ is to appear a second time to bring salvation to those who are waiting for Him (Heb 9:28).

Video Sermons

Confirm the words of the Bible that are surprising and mysterious through the Church of God video sermon.


Bob Parker
Former Mayor of christchurch, New Zealand
Heavenly Mother! You are a great inspiration to so many people around the world. It is because of your gift to so many in our city of Christchurch. It is a group of people who have a strong faith in what you’ve taught them and in the values of our society.
Amir Dessal
Former Executive Director of the UN office for Partnerships
There is so much poverty and hunger around the world. From the United Nations’ perspective, you can actually make a difference.

Volunteer Services in Newzealand

The Church of God nurtures the peace and happiness of the world
by saving precious lives and overcoming hardships together.

Cleanup campaign

In order to purify the earth that fell ill due to extreme climate change and environmental pollution and to save precious life, we carry out global environmental cleanups.

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Blood Drives​

Through worldwide blood drives, we help people in danger of their life due to blood shortage, and make efforts to improve everyone’s health.

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Emergency relief

We hurry to disaster-stricken areas to recover the damaged areas and take care of victims’ health by providing meals.

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