3097th Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign, Christchurch, NZ

April 24, 2016
The 3097th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

The World Mission Society Church of God simultaneously held its Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign in many countries, including South Korea, USA, Japan, Brazil, and even reached the shores of New Zealand. The Christchurch branch of the Church of God conducted the 3097th Environmental Cleanup as part of the Worldwide campaigns on Sunday, 24 April, in the city of Christchurch.

75 Volunteers Cleaned the Street and North Parade Stream

Around 75 volunteers, including neighbours, families, and acquaintances of members, gathered at North Parade, Shirley, removing litter from the North Parade stream and riverbank. They worked with one goal: to purify the street and the North Parade stream with the love of God.

A Church of God official stated, “This amount of rubbish, discarded on the roadside and the riverbanks, has a negative impact on human health,” he further explained, “Through this event, the volunteers hope that their small efforts can be helpful and beneficial to the community, providing them with access to a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable environment.”

If the cleanliness of the rivers is not maintained well, it can result in breeding of harmful pests such as mosquitoes and flies, which can then be a threat to the health of citizens who reside nearby.

the Cleanup Campaign is Practicing Love of God

Simone McLean (32), who participated in the voluntary activity, said, “When the river is polluted by litter, it often supports the habitation of pests. I hope and wish the cleanup will help promote good health for all of the surrounding neighbourhood.”

The cleanup involved primary school and high school students, university students, office workers, housewives and other people from different walks of life. Volunteers spiralled out onto the street with joyful, happy, expressions whilst removing cigarette butts, cans, paper, bakery bags, paper cups, etc. Volunteers also pulled out weeds and unsightly plants to reveal the lush grass which had been hidden.

“I saw the happy and satisfied look in the eyes of the volunteer”

What stood out to the public was that the volunteers worked with bright smiles throughout the cleanup. Norma Falaniko (30) said, “I saw the happy and satisfied look in the eyes of the volunteers who participated in the cleanup with the knowledge that they were doing something good for their city.”

The World Mission Society Church of God’s core belief is to practice the love of God with their neighbours by becoming dedicated volunteers, having the heart and mind of God. So far, in addition to their disaster relief efforts, over 3000 global environmental cleanup events and activities that promote environmental awareness have been conducted, greatly contributing to the cleanliness of nations, city centers, parks, streets, mountains, rivers, and oceans.