The 3894th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

July 30, 2017
The 3894th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

Takapuna Cleanup shines God’s glory, delivers Mother’s love

The event started at 10am on Sunday the 30th of July 2017, at Auburn Reserve. Around 20 volunteers from all walks of life, workers, youth, university students and housewives, participated in the cleanup event. A WMSCOG official said, “Today we gather together to follow a teaching of Christ, to help neighbours and do good deeds. In addition, it is a pleasure to contribute to protecting the environment, even though it is a small effort.”

Happy and enthusiastic participants made a great effort to retrieve rubbish lodged in bushes surrounding the edges of the wetland. They collected many plastic and glass bottles, cans, papers, plastic bags and food wrappings. With meticulous care, the volunteers’ hands reached even inconspicuous places surrounding Auburn Reserve and Patuone Walkway.

They found waste and filled thirty-two 50 litre bags. They also collected many large items including a suitcase, chairs, an old supermarket trolley, and a council parking sign.

Grateful mind, participating with excitement

Chevelle, who came with her sister and a big smile to the cleanup, said “I am grateful to know that I can be part of something special at the Church of God. I am so happy to be able to contribute in the cleanup event”.

Monica Harrison exclaimed with excitement, “I feel privileged to be part of this great movement as a Church of God member, being the salt and light of the world”.

Support from local council

Auckland Council welcomed the event and gave tangible support with gloves, rubbish bags, and the removal of the rubbish. Anna Baine, Community Ranger for local parks, expressed her special thanks. She said, “I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work and effort the group put in. Parks rely on volunteer groups, such as the Church of God, to help care for local parks and open spaces”.

WMSCOG’s many volunteer services in New Zealand

The Church of God in Auckland held a blood donation event last March and about 200 people participated to save lives. The New Zealand Blood Service encouraged donors by providing snacks and drinks.

In addition, the members of the Church of God worked together with neighbours in various kinds of voluntary activities not only in Auckland but also in Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. These activities include blood drives, disaster relief, and environmental cleanups.

Through the earthquake and flood recovery activities in 2011 and 2014, the branch in Christchurch gave hope and courage to victims. WMSCOG conducted disaster relief and provided free meal service camps. Also, cleanups at Petone Beach in Lower Hutt, Wellington, and New Brighton Beach in Christchurch, and other cleanups raise awareness of the importance of caring for our environment.

Many awards received in recognition of work

WMSCOG volunteer services are held throughout the world. In recognition of all these sincere volunteer efforts, the Church has won over 2000 awards from Presidents, Prime Ministers, Government agencies, and local authorities, in many countries of the world.

In June last year, the Church received the U.K. Queen’s award for voluntary service. Kate Green, MP, recommended WMSCOG for the Queen’s award. She said, “I was greatly inspired through the good deeds, which engender hope and a good spirit, from WMSCOG. They have tremendous power of unity and energy, which contributes greatly to our society”.

United Nations recognises World Mission Society Church of God

Besides this, in December 2016, the Central Emergency Response Relief Fund (CERF), held in the Headquarters of the UN in New York, invited the Church of God. This was the first time and unconventional, to invite the Church to this international high-level conference. In this conference, General Pastor Kim Joo-Cheol introduced the Church saying “the Church of God believes in God the Father and God the Mother and keeps the new covenant established by Jesus Christ” and also “2.5 million members in 175 countries did voluntary activities including cleanup movements, food aid, disaster relief and recovery campaigns – all these humanitarian works came from the heart of Mother.” Furthermore, as the Church sympathises with and supports the acts of the CERF and UN supporting organisations which is caring for the world with the same mind as the Church of God, the Church promised continuous cooperation and support.

WMSCOG spared no effort to help neighbours through donations for the Haiti earthquake victims in 2010. In 2015 WMSCOG carried out recovery campaigns and rebuilt damaged schools in earthquake stricken Nepal.  In addition, they held an orchestral concert in 2016 for the Haiti victims affected by hurricane Matthew. A Church official says “we want to deliver hope and happiness to the cold and loveless world. Through the love of Mother, our actions can be like the 3% of salt in the ocean which prevents decay”.